sports brand and designers are often derived regional communication love sports and fashion the boat pier, and PUMA's PUMA Select and several clothing brands have good relations of cooperation, such as STAMPD, TRAPSTAR, Daily, paper. In the spring and summer of 2017, PUMA announced to join the New York Staple Design, PUMA NTRVL co design launched 2017 new spring and summer, with the function of material movement design and trend, this is the first Staple and sports brand launched functional clothing. In the design, turn to play PUMA before the costumes are changed, more fashionable clipping, and investment in science and technology, I believe that reading the first image as you can feel the new move cheap jordans for sale mens ment style in this series brings. In the shoes, PUMA, IGNITE, Limitless have made a strong contrast blocks; B.O.G Sock followed the signature pigeon gray and joined the "pigeon claw" classic pink background. PUMA Select NTRVL spring and summer series in costumes with top durability cloth, the use of innovative function technology presents contemporary popular style and sense of the classic style, style, and fashion movement perfect fusion, fusion lively polka dots and reflective material, as the immortal classic elements into fashion. PUMA Select NTRVLPUMA FacebookNike Kyrie 2 'Crossover' Taiwan area will be sold at a particular store in May 14th at 3800 yuan. We are responsible for arranging the Cheap air jordans for sale distributors who are currently selling their products in Facebook. The actual selling methods, mechanisms and locations are subject to the announcement of the stores. is the world intellectual movement SN: so when the Elite series leaves you no limit at the same time, you're also creating new models and techniques for future sneakers, right? LC: Yes, maybe not for the next season or a few years, but it will help us find new things, which is a great achievement. Not just for the Elite series of products, but also to, for example: the idea used in the Elite series super, then we can try to use in the next generation of Hyperdunk or other shoes, this is, this is really cool. This time, we are not o cheap jordans for sale nly aiming at the product of last year (Elite 1) to make a breakthrough. Most of the time, you can't just focus on amazing technology for improving technology. That's not what we really want to do. We want to make sure that the whole direction is right and that these changes really helpBefore officially wrote, I reviewed in my mind the cooperative relationship between Adidas and John Wall. From the initial transfer to Crazyquick series, personal shoes for nearly two years, you can clearly see the adidas style and expertise of the definition of Wall is quite obvious. Perhaps because of this, the subsequent two sides can not reach a consensus will be a lot of surprise. remember at the beginning of Cheap air jordan 12 for sale online free shipping the season at the beginning, Adidas and Wall will release the news spread like wildfire, but also makes all subsequent shoe contracts to begin to wonder why. However, it is interesting in the game a few months ago, Wall still uses J Wall 2 as the boots, but mostly with red color. There is a saying that is based on the good friendship between the two sides in the past, so continue to wear, and the other said that the brand identification of the whole tone style is less obvious. Still, Wall's shoe theater ended up with the Wizards' record and made J Wall 2 his last masterpiece at adidas. but when we look back at J Wall 2, it's easy to see that there are a lot of styles worth exploring. Like Adidas cheap jordan shoes for men this season will be the star of the shoes and the Boost shock, for foot upgrade. J Wall 2 is no exception, from the current exposure of foreign countries, "Chalk Multicolor" is one of this version. The vamp adopts a triangular fabric structure similar to the Light EM UP 2, and uses the color mixing design on the midsole structure. Unfortunately, according to the current situation, the opportunity to see the J Wall 2 Boost figure should be few and far between. source: Sole Collector in the Nike LeBron X launched last year? Popular collectors? EXT color, this year? LeBron 11 EXT version also introduced, in the futuristic shoe body design, the original sense of science and technology into the texture Retro jordans for sale of blue suede shoes, black color collocation bottom suction eye make this work improved a lot, this color will be sold abroad in April 10th, pricing is $200. source: NSW?Celebrate Predator football shoes series 20th Anniversary adidas launches Predator Instinct to celebrate Predator series 20th anniversary. In the just concluded 2014 World foot stadium, there are many excellent athletes wearing Adidas Predator Instinct 'Battle Pack' on the field struggle, this champion Germany's Mesut ZIL is also a fan of this section. Predator Instinct uses the new hybridtouch material, combines leather with synthetic leather to provide comfort and performance. With the new TPU and rubber outsole hobnail bring cheap foamposites good control for Predator series. In addition, the upper part also has the design that can strengthen contact with the ball, so that the ball control ability of shoes is better. this year will be released 14 new versions of Predator Instinct, including Revenge Instinct and past classic shoes, such as the 1994 Predator, 1998 Predator, 2002 Accelerator Predator Mania. new adidas Predator Instinct, adidas for tomorrow in foreign football related store on sale, priced at $220 yuan. Nike, former sports brand in the German capital of Berlin held a grand Nike Flyknit Lunar2 will be released, the scene gathered more than 100 guests Gongxiangshengju, as one of the Nike Flyknit Lunar2 Retro jordans for sale Allyson Felix, spokesman of the American sprinter had to personally participate in activities. "having a pair of light and steady running shoes is very important for a running short runner like me. It's incredible that such a lightweight and comfortable wearing experience for Nike Flyknit Lunar2.". "Allyson Felix says so. Nike on the day of the night of the laser projection technology directly put Flyknit Lunar2 Europa Center projected on the big glass wall, has attracted all the attention, bring an ultimate cool visual feast! source: NIKE, Inc. source: SNEAKER FILES today featured bring a pair of low imitation air jordan 7, although a lot of people will be able to see such a clumsy work wil Cheap air jordan 12 taxi for sale online free shipping l be tricky, but there are still many people will yield to the temptation of cheap or be persuaded to store honeyed tongue. I would like to recommend all the shoes fans friends, shoes after the hand to remember to be a guest to identify the true and false, in April 1st we will continue to Kam shoes back to 10 yuan in cash activities. In the post, do not forget to add the source of the purchase, whether true or false can provide a reference for other friends. (original post address: ) search app store to download and install when guest artifact, the hot shoe money grab single worry free; forum posting shoes identification, God distinguish between true and false, Taob cheap jordans online ao to buy shoes more at ease; detailed inquiry micro channel dunkhome, microblogging "when off, the interaction does not stop!BIGBANG return for the majority of fans brought MADE family album have been presented, the fourth album, "E" also released last night, two new single include "ZUTTER" and "Let's not fall in love" shocking debut. GD and TOP which work together to create the MV is full of magic, both wearing sportswear for toilet urinal advance the plot, the film presents 18 multiple shot ban, they seem to love back rebellious teenager stage, with none Day parade scene for fans, two big boys interpretation is so take heart, rhythm and melody of the new single index can be described as brainwashing burst table. & nbsp; & nbsp; The thought that another song "Let's not fall in love" with the former album will be inside the "If You" is so lyrical route to go tear, opening the MV until that moment did not know, five lead back purest sweetest love stage, and intimate companion of the performance is really any cooler, full screen show of affection lens really murder a lot of single friends. Without further ado, quickly open the MV video tour read, take a repeating cycle two new orders it. & nbsp;Italy veteran fashion house Gucci recently announced the first 2016 early autumn series of the latest shoe design, so that the majority of fashion lovers prepare in advance for the autumn collocation. The series are starting to Ace low sports shoes modelling as a blueprint, bring a total of nearly 20 different brand design, in addition to the most representative of the "GG" and "Logo" ribbon stripes, embroidery patterns become the biggest bright spot, which covers the bees, star, lightning, rabbit, flowers and other fun the pattern, but also reflects the individuality from Italy's high art; as for the application of metal surface leather and crocodile leather, further enrich the season outfit choice. It is reported that the series will begin on May this year, the official sale, like friends may wish to pay more attention to. 〈br gucci="" 2016="" early="" autumn="" gorgeous="" embroidered="" shoes Sun Buddies, listen to this very affinity name, and will not bring high-end sense of distance, but in fact, this from Sweden's fashion glasses brand, positioning is "premium fashion"". The Sun release of Buddies 2014 spring quarter new mirror, from art, fashion and pop culture inspiration, and the best quality acetate material to build, also equipped with a Carle Zeiss optical lens, which is almost the "gold standard" - the highest allocation. Of course, excellent single products can be worthy of excellent you, it is reported that the series will be on April 15th Dover Street Market stores on sale, remember to pay attention to Oh. Sun Buddies 2014 spring and summer season new sunglasses